Monday 7th September

10:00-12:00Registration and sandwich lunch at 11:30

Welcome and introduction

Kati Katina
Chair of Organizing committee


Session 1
Nordic Crops – Impact of Global Warming to Northern Crops and Breeding Challenges, Possible Solutions


Søren Rasmussen and Fred Stoddard

 Keynote Lecture: Pirjo Peltonen-Sainio (Luke),
Sustainable Food Chain – Challenges for Rye, Oat and Pulses
13:35Steffen Beuch (NORDSAAT Saatzucht GmbH), Challenges of oat breeding – an actual view from Central Europe

Igor Loskutov (Vavilov Institute of Plant Genetic Resources), Novel and traditional oat breeding directions

14:25Lars Reitan (Garminor Norway), The success story of Norwegian oat breeding, with special emphasis on resistance to Fusarium graminearum
14:50Anne-Marie Torp (University of Copenhagen), Effects of the changing climate on the quality of barley seeds
15:15–15:45Poster viewing and coffee


Session 2
Rye – An Unique Cereal for Health and Wellbeing

Kaisa Poutanen and Kati Katina

 Keynote Lecture: Rikard Landberg (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Rye and Weight Management – Recent Research and Possible Mechanisms
16:30Kati Hanhineva (University of Eastern Finland), Whole grain rye and wheat phytochemicals and their bioavailability as examined with non-targeted LC-MS metabolomics approach
16:55Carl Brunius, (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Discovery of biomarkers for whole grain rye intake in free-living subjects using LC-QTOF
17:20Lin Shi (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), NMR-based metabolomics to investigate postprandial effects of rye porridges fortified with inulin and gluten in healthy men and women
17:45Saara Pentikäinen (VTT) Disintegration of rye breads in mastication and early phase of digestion
19:00Get-together at Hotel Hanasaari


Tuesday 8th September



Session 3
Oats And Barley

Hannu Salovaara and Anu Kaukovirta-Norja

 Keynote Lecture: Hannu Salovaara (University of Helsinki),
Past and Future Oats in Countries
9:45Noora Mäkelä (University of Helsinki), The oxidative degradation of barley ß-glucans in the presence of ascorbic acid or hydrogen peroxide
10:10Yujie Wang (University of Helsinki), Degradation of ß-D(1,3)-1,4 glucans in the presence of lipid oxidation and its effect on lipid oxidaiton
10:35–11:05Poster viewing and coffee
11:05Susanne Djurle (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Carbohydrate quality of barley products with focus on dietary fibre
11:30Juhani Sibakov (VTT), Modification of oat and wheat bran for liquid food applications
11:55Roger Andersson (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Recent findings about the link between starch molecular structure and its physical properties
12:20Mette Skau Mikkelsen (Univeristy of Copenhagen) Cereal ß-glucan immune modulating activity depends on the polymer fine structure
12:45–13:45 Lunch


Session 4
Future plant proteins

Nesli Sozer and Tuula Sontag-Strohm

 Keynote Lecture: Fred Stoddard (University of Helsinki),
Emerging Protein Crops for Scandinavia
14:30Natalia Rosa-Sibakov (VTT), Plant proteins for cereal foods: Use of faba bean and oat fractions in high protein pasta products
14:55Zhong-qing Jiang (University of Helsinki), Cereal and luge protein processed for food applications – plant globulin protein structural modifications for food structure
15:20Arja Laitila (VTT), Bioprocessing of protein-rich raw materials towards improved functionality
15:45–16:15Poster viewing and coffee

Anu Kaukovirta-Norja (VTT), Our future sources of protein – have we underestimated the potential of cereal proteins?

16:40Marjo Pulkkinen (University of Helsinki), Occurence and variation of vicine and convicine in faba beans
17:15–18:15Nordic Organisation meeting
19:00Dinner at Karhusaari Art Centre, Sinebrychoff Mansion (Attendance requires separate registration)

Wednesday 9th September


Session 5
New Possibilities for Rye, Oats, Pulses and other Cereals:
Industrial and Research Perspective


Juhani Sibakov and Markku Mikola

 Keynote Lecture: Marika Lyly (VAASAN Group),
Innovative Healthy Rye Snack Products
10:15Bhawani Chamlagain (University of Helsinki), Natural fortification of vitamin B12 in cereal matrices
10:40Ilkka Kajala, (VTT), In situ dextran production in wheat and rye bran by Weissella Confusa fermentation
11:05 Poster viewing and coffee break
11:35Yan Xu (University of Helsinki), Viscosity changes of soya flour with the production of exopolysaccharides by Leuconostoc mesenteroides NRRL-B-1118
12:00Nesli Sozer (VTT), High dietary fibre extrusion: Challenges and opportunities
12:25Outi Mattila (VTT), Impact of water content on enzymatic modification of wheat bran